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MyGlucoHealth® Wireless Blood Glucose Meter | VS-720 | $95.00

The wireless MyGlucoHealth® meter (VS-720) comes with a USB Bluetooth adapter that allows the glucose measure to be transmitted from the meter to the VitalPoint® monitor without the need for a cable. The meter allows the patient to have some flexibility as to when and where their glucose measurement is taken. The Bluetooth meter will store the glucose reading until the meter communicates to the VitalPoint® and report the date/time the glucose reading was originally taken. The meter responds quickly, and only takes 3 seconds to test the blood sample. It has a results range of .6-33.3 mmol/L, and the sample size of blood needs to be at least .3 µL. The meter is 5.34 x 9.9 x 2.28cm (2.1 x 3.9 x .9 in) and only 74.5g (2.6oz), including batteries.

MyGlucoHealth® Blood Glucose Meter test strips & lancets | VS-725 | $92.50

  • 100 test strips, and 100 lancets

MyGlucoHealth® Blood Glucose Control Solution | VS-730 | $15.00

  • One 3.5ml bottle

LifeScan OneTouch® Ultra Test Strips | VS-715 | $79.00

  • Intended for use with LifeScan glucose meters only
  • Box of 50 - UPC - 5388500418, 538850075, or 5388524450
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