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Each scale measures the patient's body weight, and sends the measure to the VitalPoint® monitor. This prevents patients from manually having to enter the weight, and prevents incorrect data from being entered and transmitted to the clinician.

Wireless Weight Scale | VS-403 | $145.00

  • Wireless, up to 180kg (400lb) (includes USB Bluetooth® adapter)

The wireless version (VS-403) comes with a USB Bluetooth® adapter, which allows the weight measure to be transmitted from the scale to the VitalPoint® monitor without the need for a cable. This feature allows the patient to have some flexibility as to where their wireless scale is located (i.e.: bathroom, bedroom) as the wireless scale and VitalPoint® monitor would not have to be in the same room. The wireless scale has a stable 12.8 in wide base, and a 1.15 in high LCD display. Intended for use on hard surfaces only.

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