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Envitec Wired Pulse Oxymetry Sensor | VS-300 | $165.00

  • SpO2 Sensor, Adult, Reusable

The meter is a reusable finger clip sensor is that uses contoured silicone pads, which make contact with the patient's finger. Optical elements pass light through transparent silicone windows into the patient's finger, resulting in a percentage of blood oxygen.

The wired meter is constructed of a plastic shell housing containing the cable 90cm (35 in), optical elements, and silicone pads, all which are latex free. The cable jacket is PVC, while the sensor head is ABS/Silicone, and has a 9-pin connector. The wired meter has a measurement accuracy of 70% - 100% (±2.64%) for SpO2 and 30-240bpm (±3bpm) for pulse rate.

Wired, Soft-tip Pulse Oxymetry Sensor

The various sizes include:

  • Small | VS-320 | $245
  • Medium | VS-321 | $245
  • Large | VS-322 | $245

Fully molded silicon sensors that are sheath-like in design, which is resilient to immersion, and promote easy handling and cleaning.

Wired Ear Clip Pulse Oxymetry Sensor | VS-325 | $205.00

For non-invasively recording the oxygen saturation on the ear.

Light weight, easy to apply ear clip with ergonomic design.

Pulse Oxymetry Sensor Extension Cable | VS-301 | $98.50

  • Extension cable for Pulse & Oxygen Saturation Nellcor Type Sensor

Masimo Cable Adapter Kit | VS-330 | $495.00

  • MAC-1 & LNOP Adapter Cable Kit, includes Masimo Finger Clip Sensor

Wireless Pulse Oxymetry Sensor | VS-305 | $295.00

  • Wireless Pulse Oxymeter: Adult, Wireless (includes USB Bluetooth® adapter) (VS-305)

The wireless version of the pulse oxymetry meter (VS-305) operates in the same manner as the wired meter, however when the measure is taken, the data is sent from the meter via Bluetooth® to the patient monitor. It has a range of up to 10 meters (33 feet). The wireless meter has a 2.84cm (1.12 in) OLED display that provides the patient with a quick view of the measure as it is sent to the clinician. The device is 56mm x 38mm x 28mm (2.2in x 1.5in x. 1.1in) and weighs only 51 grams (1.8oz), including the lithium battery. The wireless device has a measurement accuracy of 70% - 99% (±3%) for SpO2 and 30 - 99bpm (±2bpm) for pulse rate.

OxyScan Fingertip Type Pulse Oxymeter | VS-310 | $63.75

-Large OLED display with SpO2 waveform
-Display direction is selectable
-Automatic power off after removing finger in 8 seconds
-Low batter capacity indication

Pulse Oxymetry Sensor | VS-315 | $135.00

  • SPO Medical 5500 Fingertip pulse oxymeter

The SPO Medical 5500 Finger Pulse Oxymeter (VS-315) is very small & lightweight. SPO 5500 measures blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate with Auto On/Off Power shutdown feature that conveniently shuts the unit down immediately after usage.
-Weak Signal Indicator to assist in obtaining a strong reading
-Soft rubber boot sensor keeps it in place even while you are in motion.
-Battery Life Indicator
-Battery Life - 1000 hours
-Weight: 1.8 Oz. (50 Grams) including Battery
-Digital LCD display for SpO2 and pulse rate with backlight

Handheld Pulse Oximeter with charger | VS-335 | $495.00

-Light and compact handheld design
-High resolution 2.4" color display
-Gravity sensor automatically change the direction of display
-Visual & sound alarms
-IPX1 Degree of protection against ingress of liquid

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