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Fluid Status Meter | VS-1000 | $1,895.00
  • Fluid Status Monitor Kit | VS-1000 | $1,895.00
    • (Includes: patient cable, two electrodes, USB adapter, and power unit)

The fluid status meter (VS-1000) measures thoracic base impedance or the amount of fluid in the thoracic cavity. This measurement can help to predict complications due to congestive heart failure or dehydration, and monitor patients with such issues.

The meter connects via a cable to the VitalPoint® monitor and uses two electrodes to take the measurement. The patient is directed by the VitalPoint® monitor to place the two electrodes on their chest (one above, and one below, the breastbone) and wait for the meter to take the fluid status measure. The electrodes are single-use and can be reorder by the box (VS-1001), which contains 10 packs of two each. The device is 20.32 x 12.7 x 5.08cm (8 x 5 x 2 in).

Fluid Status Electrodes | VS-1001 | $68.50
  • Single-use electrodes (Box of 10 packs, 1 pack needed per test)
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