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A full-featured bedside unit that helps monitor a patient's vital signs using a multitude of non-invasive sensors is an important tool in helping maintain a high-quality level of care. Our compact and easy-to-use unit is designed for clinical settings where sub-acute patient care is provided by health care professionals. The monitor is ideal for emergency rooms, hospital departments, physicians' offices, surgical centers, and specialized clinics such as dialysis clinics. Choose it integrate up to 64 monitors that can be watched remotely via any Windows®-based PC, laptop, or tablet using the NTS software. This complete solution does not require any installation or dedicated servers. Real-time remote monitoring of patients from anywhere, at any time, thereby decentralizing the central station!

Remote patient monitoring has been shown to reduce the number of unplanned hospital readmissions following discharge, and to help slow the progression of chronic diseases. Both caregivers and patients have raved about its user-friendliness, ease of communication through four modalities (analog telephone line, internet line, Wi-Fi, & Cellular), reliability, and user interface. Assessments can also be done and sent to the caregivers automatically. Live audio video sessions can also take place.

Real time remote monitoring of patients from anywhere at any time, the NTS system supports remote bedside monitoring, providing hospitals the benefit of a decentralized nursing station. The NTS software can be purchased alone to be used with VitalPoint® PRO monitors, or purchased as a complete nursing station system where 64 monitors can be simultaneously monitored.

We offer a series of additional devices, peripherals and accessories for use with VitalPoint® PRO and VitalPoint® HOME, or as stand-alone devices. Peripherals include items such as self-applying blood pressure cuffs, temperature probes or electrocardiogram leads. Accessories include cables, connectors, adaptors, and stands. Devices are various hand-held meters, and pulse oxymeters, which can be used independently from the VitalPoint® monitor if needed. We also offer select disposables such as glucose strips, ECG electrodes and temperature probe covers.

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